Why is VirtualPro, LLC the company of the future?

We're Green

VirtualPro is a virtual call center operating in 43 states allowing a team of telecommuters who are independent contractors to work from home and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Capacity for Enterprise Job Creation

Our unique virtual nature and large Fortune ® 500 clients allow us to offer sustainable work to more eligible job seekers FASTER than other brick and mortar operations. VirtualPro is on track to create 1000 sustainable jobs in the next 5 years.

Our Commitment to Hire Veterans

VirtualPro is honored through our partnership with Arise to be a part of the Joining Forces Initiative and has a true commitment to provide sustainable work opportunitites to members of the military, veterans and military spouses.  

We're Fighting the War Against Poverty

VirtualPro is bringing hourly work that would otherwise be shipped overseas home to eligible workers in the U.S.  Paying on average $10+/hour.

Work-from-home with VirtualPro, LLC throughout the U.S.
(except California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin).